Killer Intent by Tony Kent

10D16BBA-F8B7-462B-9A84-DE4B18E903C9.jpegBritain’s elite security forces seem powerless when an audacious attempt is made to assassinate a former US president in London. This becomes the spark which ignites a chain reaction of explosive events that will see old political sympathies rekindled and personal loyalties betrayed.

My Review

I can not recommend this book enough, definitely one to watch for 2018, this will be BIG.

A highly charged thriller of the highest quality, full on action, slick, fast paced, has a charge of electricity running throughout.

Starting with the attempted assassination of a former US president in London, fate and circumstance collide to bring together two of the main protagonists drawn into a race to uncover the truth and bring their own very survival into doubt.

In Sarah Truman and Michael Devin Tony Kent has created central characters with sense of realism with a surrounding cast to match. Similarly the story has a plot line which is both believable but which also has that heightened touch of drama and tension which a thriller needs, sometimes explosive as the action flows between London and Ireland with a pace that is guaranteed to make the pages turn in a race to the reach the climatic ending.

Should come with a warning once you start you won’t want to put down, be prepared for a late night, throw a sickie if you have to, it’s that good.

This has thrown Tony Kent to the forefront of today’s thriller writers. This doesn’t read as a debut novel such is the quality of the story and nature of the writing, very reminiscent of early Jack Higgins.

Going to be one of the reads of 2018, can’t wait to buy the hardback.

Eagerly await the next book by the author.



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