This is How it Ends by Eva Dolan

7B7F8E9A-3A18-416C-A9EE-E5B730077DE7.jpegAs someone who really loves the Zigic and Ferreira novels I wasn’t sure what I would make of this and if truth be told as I started to read I was still unsure, however, these doubts were very quickly dispelled as Eva Dolan has a knack of drawing and hooking the reader into the story.

Molly and Ella, political activists with a  strong moral agenda entwined by fate and circumstance, two friends, one body and that’s it for the plot anymore would be to spoil it for the reader.

Clever and masterful  plotting sees the story told from the present day and in part in the past, you think you know where the story is going but as with any good psychological thriller bam, your world is turned upside down, however this isn’t good it’s great therefore more bam for your buck fantastic twists and turns.

The ending sublime.

Be warned the short pithy chapters which intertwine to knit the story together will leave you thinking ok one chapter then I’ll put it down, ha no chance you’ll keep reading.

Somehow this seems more poignant in the light of Grenfell.

Eva Dolan brings a political and social commentary to her books which is perfect for today, with writing of the highest quality. Compelling, gripping, raw with more grit than the local council salt bins.

Outstanding by one of today’s top crime writers.


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