Scorched Earth by David Mark

14A4E3B7-931F-4C93-9062-6D102EAB0E8E.jpegCosy crime this isn’t.

McAvoy is contacted by a retired police officer about suspicious activity at an abandoned house, in which a body is soon discovered, however, this is nothing, as what follows is a rollercoaster of a read in which McAvoy must face up to an old foe.

Not necessarily your usual police procedural. Dark yes, violent you bet, however, the violence is in place with the story, with plenty of seemingly different threads, which McAvoy must try and piece together.  David Mark has crafted a wonderful plot line with plenty of twists and turns which he ties beautifully together in a rip roaring crescendo of a finale.

McAvoy is a partly flawed but hugely loveable character, and  as usual with this series Hull and its surrounding landscape play an important role in bringing the pages to life.

This book does not disappoint and delivers on all the entertainment fronts, it’s another of those books in which the pages seem to turn themselves, a definite crackerjack of a read.

I’ve been a fan of the series since book one, for me this is the best in the series so far.

Highly  recommend


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