Caligula by Simon Turney

8FC821D9-C52C-4EA1-AE10-08A09BC8E988.jpegRome 37AD. The emperor is dying. No one knows how long he has left. The power struggle has begun

Think you know the story of Caligula, well Simon Turney has written a story with a fresh new viewpoint.

Simon Turney is a well respected author of historical fiction but with Caligula he has taken the reader to another level

Showing a young mans rise to power as told from the viewpoint of his sister Livilla. How did Caligula become the man he did prepare to find out.

No story spoilers here, you’ll have to read the book, however, suffice to say that Simon Turney has delivered an engrossing and powerful novel rich and colourful in detail.

The pages sing and come to life so much so that you can feel yourself loitering in the streets of Ancient Rome, this is at times a haunting, harrowing but spellbinding tale, some of the punishment scenes will make you squem so believable are they written.

Simon Turney has a knack here for making the landscape part of the story as important as any of the characters

An immersive and engrossing read that draws and hooks you in from the opening pages, you will soon find yourself racing to the end, a superb page turner.

I feel my knowledge has been enriched.

Highly recommend for all those who like their fiction well written and the story to be gripping and well told. You will find yourself wanting to discover more of the Authors other works, can’t wait for the next in the series.


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