Hangman by Daniel Cole

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18 months after the Ragdoll murders, a body is found hanging from Brooklyn Bridge, the word ‘Bait’ carved into the chest.

If like me you thought Ragdoll to be an exceptional debut, then with Hangman you’re in for something else.

Opening with a body been found in New York with the word ‘bait’ carved into the chest, meanwhile in London a killer strikes with the word ‘puppet ‘, could these be related.

The opening prologue leaves you with no clue as to what is going to follow, other than you will be hooked, the book brings now DCI Emily Baxter to the fore, joining forces with the FBI and CIA to track down the killer as the action switches between London and New York, what follows will leave you gasping for breath such is the relentless pace.

The characters and interplay between Baxter and Rouche is wonderfully engaging and well drawn, unusually for a thriller there is humour at times laugh out loud, one word Spiders.

This is not necessarily for the faint hearted and certainly the word ‘cosy’ is not in the authors vocabulary.

However, this is a rollicking rollercoaster of a read just with more twists and turns, explosive, certainly at times you’ll find yourself wincing. This is another classic race against time page turner, with relentless pacing as the tension heightens and the action ratchets up. The author engages the reader with a plot line that will leave you second guessing yourself and definitely wanting more.

A book which is destined to be huge and deservedly so, I read to be entertained Hangman ticks all the boxes and then some.

Daniel Cole has totally mastered the art of the suspenseful thriller and chapter endings that force you to keep reading, and you will right to the very end.

Highly recommend

Can’t wait to see what the author will have in store next


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