The Darkness by Ragnar Jonasson


The body of a young Russian woman washes up on an Icelandic shore. After a cursory investigation, the death is declared a suicide and the case is quietly closed.

So begins the first in the Hidden trilogy.

No spoilers

This story follows the last days of sixty four year old Hulda who due to retire from the police force is giving one last cold case of her choice to solve. In choosing the apparent suicide of a Russian asylum seeker she sets off a chain of events which slowly unravel in a way which will keep the reader hooked.

This is not your typical cop story with one last case to solve, it is so much more than that. In Hulda you have a likeable and engaging character, not without flaws and clearly with a past a little of which we will be let into as the story unfolds.

With a sense of place the landscape dark and foreboding is described in descriptive and evocative detail and forms a crucial and important character.

With plenty of twists and turns the plot and story will keep you second guessing yourself, gripping and compelling and at times as dark as the surrounding landscape, although mixed with compassion and a tenderness played out between the scenes with Hulda and Petur.

The ending is something else and certainly one I wasn’t expecting or prepared for.

Icelandic Noir is rapidly becoming one of my favourite forms of crime fiction and no one does it better than Ragnar Jonasson a writer who has a knack for storytelling and for keeping the reader engaged and hooked.

I eagerly await the next instalment.


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