The Lost by Mari Hannah

35CDA02B-3FE4-43CC-887C-1266C73D1EBEHe was her child. The only one she’d ever have.It would kill her to learn that he was missing.

I must profess that my first love in reading are Police procedurals, however, there is a fine line in making the story realistic with all the day to day (boring as far as the reader can be concerned) leg work, whilst at the same time keeping the reader entertained and absorbed. Mari Hannah has totally mastered the art of the Police Procedural.

I have been a fan since book one of the Kate Daniels series The Murder Wall, so came at this with a slight trepidation, will i like it?,will it be as good?.Well the answer to the second question is no it is better and that’s not to easy to say as the Kate Daniels series has been one of my favourites and most eagerly looked forward to reads over the last few years.

Alex Parker is on holiday with her sister eager to return to her husband and only child, however on the day of her return the child disappears and so begins a roller coaster of a read, as with any book of this type there are plenty of suspects red herrings and twists and turns galore which will keep you guessing till the end, but it is so much more, this is a real time investigation in place from someone who knows and understands how things work and crucially knows has to transfer that to the written word.

The Lost introduces us to David Stone who has recently returned to his roots and Frankie Oliver.The characters have been brought wonderfully to life on the pages and  there is an obvious professional chemistry and mutual respect between them, they both have a past a little of which we are allowed to see. They are ably supported by their colleagues, and  there is terrific feel of comradeship and team work between them.

As usual with Mari Hannahs books there is a real sense of place and the landscape is a central feature and character in the book, and the obvious love she has for the North East and Northumberland.

The plotting and story line are first class and the story flows at fast pace, however, not forgetting those little day to day details which give the book that real feeling of an investigation in progress and authenticity, crucial in any Police procedural. There is  no  point trying to second guess things you may think you have it worked out but then no.

This is a fast paced slick and highly enjoyable read which will keep you entertained and hooked from first to last.

Stone and Oliver have hit the ground at breakneck speed and I cannot wait to read more, this is a series that is just going to keep on getting better.

A masterclass in the art of the police procedural. Mari Hannah is at the top of her game and is likely to stay there for a long time.


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