Juliet & Romeo by David Hewson

3C95263D-9F14-4EE7-BC47-4AD52319EF8B.jpegShakespeares most well-known and well-loved play has been turned into a gripping romantic thriller with a modern twist.

I have to start by saying that i am not a lover of Shakespeare to the point that i am totally unfamiliar with the story and characters in Romeo and Juliet, however, that did not make any difference when it came to reading David Hewsons re telling of the tale.

Set in Verona in 1499 during the renaissance. There is a tense rivalry between the Capulets and the Montagues. We are here introduced to a young, spirited, free thinking and well read Juliet, destined by her father to marry Count Paris and Romeo whose family want to send him away to study law.

In a fateful week they are to be brought together only for their scheming to slowly start to unravel.

The book has a wonderful array of characters all beautifully written and each with a life and tales of their own.

It is obvious that the book and place has been well researched, the atmosphere, sights and sounds of Verona are brought beautifully to life on the pages with writing that makes the pages sing. You can feel yourself there in the streets.

There is intrigue and tragedy intertwined with a sense of warmth and humour throughout the book, with a story that flows from beginning to end and is certain to keep the reader hooked and entertained.

This is far from my usual read, however i knew i was in safe hands with David Hewson and this proved to be the case. Juliet and Romeo is absorbing and engaging and most importantly wonderfully written.

Highly recommend, you do not have to like Shakespeare to enjoy and appreciate this modern re telling of a classic tale.


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