Forever and a Day by Anthony Horowitz

2F8316C1-A9F7-4FBA-B608-E1DB34784EE0.jpegM laid down his pipe and stared at it tetchily. ‘We have no choice. We’re just going to bring forward this other chap you’ve been preparing. But you didn’t tell me his name ‘ ‘It’s Bond sir,’ the Chief of Staff replied ‘James Bond’

I have to admit to being a Bond geek so was eagerly looking forward to reading this. Anthony Horowitz does not disappoint.

The story opens with Bond preparing to make his second kill, before he has been assigned 00 status. Following the death of a colleague M sends Bond to Marseille to investigate and so the legend and adventure begin.

In Forever and a Day you have the classic ingredients for Bond, the location, the Casino, the femme fatale and in Scipio the perfect villain, however these are nothing without a cracking plot and storyline and here you have both, and not forgetting the characters, including the wonderfully written Madame 16.

The narrative and pace of the story is spot on and slowly builds as the action and tension ratchet up, there are some wonderfully descriptive passages, you need to savour every word.

Anthony Horowitz has totally captured the spirit and feel of Fleming and delivered the perfect Bond novel, for me this is the best of the recent novels.

This is a timeless and classic Bond.

Bond is safe in the hands of Anthony Horowitz


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