The Savage Shore by David Hewson



David Hewson has a knack and style of immersing the reader into the story.

I must admit to been a long term fan of the Nic Costa series and this has been a long time coming, thankfully it was well worth the wait.

In the Savage Shore we find Costa has been sent undercover to the remote Calabrian coast to the bring in the head of the feared Ndrangheta who for his own reasons want to turn informer. Here Costa and his team are outcasts in a lawless region.

Maybe not your usual crime novel in that Costas team play almost incidental bystander roles, even Costa has to play to someone else’s tune but in part that’s what makes this a different and such an addictive, highly enjoyable read.

This is a wonderfully written crime novel with a style of prose that David Hewson brings to most of his novels, colourful, full of depth, rich in detail.

The landscape is as much a central character in the story and there is an obvious passion for the area with plenty of research into the landscape which comes across on the pages so much so that you can feel yourself there watching the action unfold.

The action and pace of the story is spot on, wonderfully plotted with dialogue to match and descriptive passages that make the pages sing.

Sit back unwind, relax and be transported to Italys southern coast for a gripping and most pleasurable read one that will stay with you.


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