The Rumour by Lesley Kara


A superbly conceived debut novel.

Publication: 27.12.18

Publisher:    Bantam press

Many thanks to the publisher for an ARC

In someways this starts with a very simple premise, start a rumour, easy, however, what follows is far from simple or easy. This is a tight complex story beautifully told, it is also highly addictive so make sure you have nothing planned once you start reading.

Recently moved to a new town to start life afresh Joanna tries to ingratiate herself with the parents at her sons school when she overhears a rumour about a child murderer and if only she had stopped there, little does she know how this will escalate and the consequences which will follow as she repeats the rumour at a local book club. What follows is a fast paced, slick story.

This is a superbly character driven story, each character wonderfully drawn each having their own traits and secrets, as you would expect there are plenty of twists and turns before you reach the ending, one which I didn’t see coming.

The author has taken a portion of small town life and totally captured the essence and brought it to life on the pages.

Thanks to the authors writing, what you have is a classic page turner full of suspense and tension as you race to the end 

This is a highly addictive read and there are lessons we could all learn.



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