What Was Lost by Jean Levy



Something terrible has happened to successful children’s writer Sarah, but she doesn’t know what it is.

Format: Paperback.                                         Published: The Dome press

Sarah has lost her memory, found on a beach miles from home. Then a chance encounter in her local supermarket changes things and we and Sarah begin little by little to learn things of her past as her memory slowly starts to come back to her.

What follows is a highly compelling psychological thriller.

There is a complete sense of realism which shines throughout the book, which clearly comes from the author.

The story is mainly told from the standpoint of Sarah a children’s author, struggling to remember her past and her relationship with Michael  and what her future may be, Sarah is a beautifully drawn character, with a supporting cast to match which make for a wonderfully told story, with a high quality narrative.

Superbly plotted and well crafted with plenty of depth, at times thought provoking and engaging, it plays upon some of our worst fears.

This is a compulsive read, one of those you want to race to the end and boy what an end.

A high quality debut novel that promises much from the opening pages, packs a punch and more than delivers.

Would highly recommend for any fan of psychological thrillers.



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