Hush Hush by Mel Sherratt

5D538E5C-7A93-4121-BA7A-7C32D337AE55.jpegA Killer is on the loose, attacking people in places they feel most safe: their workplaces, their homes.

Mel Sherratt has delivered a high quality police procedural full of grit and emotion.

DS Grace Allendale has recently returned to Stoke to head up a new team, there is a killer on the loose, all roads seemingly lead to one of the local crime families the Steeles, however, Grace has a secret which is not only going to lead to complications along the way, but also adds a great depth and extra dimension to the story.

Grace has taken over from Allie Shenton who has moved on, unfortunately she is not universally welcome with all in her new team with plenty of mistrust, trust has to be earned, the truth has to be told.

Our main protagonist Grace is a strong-willed character with a need to uncover the truth, however she also has warmth and depth that shines throughout the book. This is a story character driven with a full supporting cast who all play their part in making this a high quality police procedural.

Who is the killer ? 

Hush Hush is well crafted, superbly plotted story with plenty of twists, with snapshots to the past which lend another strand to the plot and how the characters behave. 

As the body count grows the race is on, whilst the pacing is relentless and story doesn’t let up, like any good police procedural this is all told within a short time frame which lends authenticity to the book 

Full of emotion and strength in places gruesome but also with the usual amount of gritty realism.

Gripping and compelling I was hooked from the get go, one of those that you won’t want to put down as you race to killer ending, Mel Sherratt keeps you trying to second guess yourself, with a quality of writing which I have become used to from reading the previous books.

Mel Sherratt has brought us a strong start to what is going to be a fantastic new series.

I have been a fan of Mel Sherratts for some time, for me this is the best to date 

Can’t recommend enough.




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