Don’t Make a Sound by David Jackson

3B4223D9-17A1-4C9E-8BCA-9CC552937FB4.jpegMeet the Bensons. They’re an ordinary couple. They keep themselves to themselves. They wash their car, mow the lawn and pass the time of day with the neighbours. And they have a beautiful little girl called Daisy.

There’s just one problem she’s not theirs.


David Jackson knows how to grip and send chills down the spine of the reader.

The Bensons have a daughter however they want another so they decide to steal one, this is just the beginning of their problems. This is a wonderfully different police thriller in that we know for the outset who has committed the crime, however, this is what makes it a superbly compelling read.

DS Nathan Cody is in charge of the investigation to discover who has taken Poppy. Nathan is a slightly neurotic  with flaws, however ably supported by Megan Webley and his boss DCI Blunt they make for a great team full of character and emotion, there are some touching heartwarming scenes between Webley and Blunt in contrast there are some pinch yourself spine tingling disturbing scenes involving Cody.

David Jackson likes the gruesome and to inflict pain and to subject his characters to the darker sides of life, he also likes to creep the reader out with heart pulsing scenes.

In some ways this is a darkly disturbing subject matter, however thanks to the quality of the writing it is told in such a way as to engage the reader.

The plotting and fast pace of the story is spot on, the writing combined with the twists and turns force you to keep reading, one of those where the pages seem to turn themselves, the ending is totally sublime and one I didn’t see coming. This will keep you on the edge of your seat, totally gripping and compelling.

Immerse yourself in the one the reads of the year.

I have been a fan of David Jackson’s for some years and have loved all of his previous books, however with Don’t Make a Sound he has outdone himself.

Highly recommend


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