Running Scared by Bill Kitson

4EF9C0C4-E9D8-4D53-B2F7-5320E10C777CWith DI Nash away on compassionate leave, DS Clara Mironova and the Helmsdale team are faced with a sudden and dramatic increase in crime.

A series that is hard to put down.

Format: Paperback

A Slightly different DI Nash novel in that whilst away on compassionate leave he only plays a bit part in the story, however, that does mean that DS Clara Mironova comes more to the fore.

When a colleague is murdered whilst out on a routine call caught up in a turf war which is breaking out between rival drugs gangs. As the investigation progresses a batch of contaminated Heroin starts to surface on the streets.

Murder, drugs, migrant problems, animal theft as with previous books in the series there are several strands and plot lines running throughout the book, however, as usual Bill Kitson has a style that manages to tie these all neatly into one wonderfully told story.

The main characters are always central to the story and all well rounded and brought to life on the pages.

Whichever direction the story may lead you the author keeps the story flowing with slick plotting and always fast paced.

I found myself hooked from the opening pages, intrigued as to where the story would lead, racing to the end where all the plot lines are beautifully brought together, it’s one of those hard to put down books.

The DI Nash series is a highly compelling set of police procedurals with characters to match and all of whom play central roles in the books 

A highly recommended police procedural


  About the Author

Bill Kitson is the author of 11 DI Nash and 5 Eden House mysteries both set in North Yorkshire as well as writing Greek Island mysteries under the pseudonym William Gordon.

I first came across Bill Kitson back in 2009 when he was launching his first novel Depth of Despair in Scarborough not knowing anything about the author or the book other than it was a crime novel and i am always keen to support local authors, off i popped to get my book signed and all these years later i’m still enjoying them.


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