The Insider by Mari Hannah

When the body of a young woman is found by a Northumberland train track,  it’s a baptism of fire for the Murder Investigation Team’s newest detective duo.

Format: Paperback                                       Publisher: Orion

Mari Hannah is one of the finest exponents of the Police procedural writing today.

After three murders with no apparent link between the victims, DCI David Stone newly promoted to the Murder Investigation team is given the task of finding the killer along with DS Frankie Oliver, as a 4th victim is discovered, the team have to believe they maybe dealing with a seriel killer. So begins a story that will keep you second guessing yourself with twists and turns aplenty.

Mari Hannah always manages to keep her plot lines fresh with a touch of originality, The Insider is no different, ingeniously plotted with pacing to match that of an investigation as it happens in real time, prepare to be gripped and hooked from the opening pages,

The Lost introduced us to Stone and Oliver , with The Insider we get to know a little more about them and things that have shaped the people they have become.  The story flows with with warmth, and a bond between Stone and Oliver borne out of trust.

The rest of the characters are beautifully drawn, well rounded with a realism, a sense of family and loyalty, they add a real depth that help to draw the reader into the story.

As well as the main characters, you know that the authors love of Northumberland and the North East shines through the story given the reader a real sense of place and location.

The chapters written from the killers point of view gave a uniqueness and added a wonderfully different dimension that helped add that extra touch to the overall storyline

Mari Hannah writes Police Procedurals with a real feeling of authenticity, sets the benchmark for others, she knows how to engage the reader, prepare to be gripped and hooked from the opening pages.

The Insider is a real reading pleasure and one to be highly recommended.


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