2018 Top Ten Reads

2018 has been a particularly vintage year to be a reader and choosing my top ten reads has not been an easy decision, it could easily have been a top twenty, however, as always truth and honesty have to be at the forefront of decision-making.

My reads of the year is based purely on books published in 2018.

I read primarily for entertainment and these are the books that fulfilled that criteria the most, It’s been such a joy reading these, authors that know how to entertain.

here goes.

10. The Chosen One – Howard Linksey – Published by Penguin Books

When it comes to police procedurals, an author that always delivers, a cleverly constructed story with twists to keep you guessing.


9. Juliet & Romeo – David Hewson – Published by The Dome Press

Now I have to admit I am no lover of Shakespeare, however, this a wonderfully fresh re telling and one that hooked me.


8. Hush Hush – Mel Sherratt – Published by Avon

Another author whose writing I have admired for years, here we have the start of what promises to be a fantastic series.


7. Don’t Make a Sound – David Jackson – Published by Zaffre Publishing

Cleverly constructed, fast paced with twists right until the end


6. Star of the North – D B John – Published by Harvill Secker

A gripping thriller, so relevant for 2018


5. Nucleus – Rory Clements – Published by Zaffre Publishing

The follow-up to Corpus one of 2017 top books, this is growing into a classic series.


4. The Old Religion – Martyn Waites – Published by Zaffre Publishing

A wonderfully chilling thriller hooks from the opening pages.


3. The Insider – Mari Hannah – Published by Orion

A fantastic new series from an author that knows how to write Police procedurals with that authentic feel.


2. Killer Intent – Tony Kent – Published by Elliott and Thompson

A debut novel of the highest order and a quality Thriller that hooks you straight in, fast paced action.


1. The Smiling Man – Joseph Knox – Published by Transworld Publishers 

Simply sublime Manc Noir, writing of the highest quality with a storyline guaranteed to grip. One of those books that you don’t want end.


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