Deep Dirty Truth by Steph Broadribb


A price on her head. A secret worth dying for. Just 48 hours to expose the truth.

High Octane Thriller more than Packs a punch

Format: Paperback                                            Published by: Orenda Books

Lori Anderson finds her world turned upside down when she is taken by the local Mob who although they want her dead maker her an offer she can hardly refuse, simply return one of their own. The only problem he is currently in the custody of the FBI succeed and you live fail and you and your family die and so begins a rollercoaster of a ride with the thrills to match.

The action is relentless and unfolds from the opening pages and doesn’t let go until the dramatic finale.

I read this in one day, one of those books that is hard to let go

Lori Anderson is a wonderfully written female protagonist her own person, fearless in her pursuit to save her family, strong with a sense of caring for those around her.

Surrounded with a matching cast of believable and well rounded characters, combined with the Florida landscape which plays a vital role, written with wonderfully descriptive passages, you can feel yourself there lurking in the background as the action unfolds.

A story that is plotted with an originality, with plenty of twists and turns a highly charged action packed thriller, which boils over with the right amount of tension, slick and fast paced, with a large slice of human emotion, love and family thrown in.

Third in the series although stands up as a standalone.

Prepare to be hooked from the get go a superbly written page turner, and an excellent read a book that more than packs a punch, guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

highly recommend


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