Nemesis by Rory Clements



In a great English house,  a young woman offers herself to. One of the most powerful and influential figures in the land. —  but this is no ordinary seduction, she plans to ensure his death.


Rory Clements is one of the finest exponents of the Historical Thriller writing today.

Format: Hardback                                    Published by: Zaffre 

Set at the beginning of World  War 2 we find Tom and Lydia on holiday in France when they are contacted about Marcus Marfield one of Wilde’s former students who left two years previous to fight in Spain and who is now interred in a camp near the Pyrenees, they set about to secure his release and return with him to Cambridge, what follows is of those high quality historical thrillers which is just a joy to read.

Meanwhile the Germans have sunk the liner the Athenia in an effort to bring the Americans into the war, this provides for a wonderful side story.

Be prepared to undertake a breathtaking journey that will take you from the Spanish civil war to France, Ireland and Cambridge and the surrounding countryside

Rory Clements paints an evocative picture of life at the time of the outbreak of war , with a depth of research he seamlessly blends fact with fiction in a rich pulsating read which flows with plenty of plot strands to keep the reader engaged and trying to second guess yourself, heartbreaking moments of high tension and explosive situations.

With a wonderfully descriptive narrative the writing is intense full of intrigue, suspense and deception. A book in which no word is wasted and every sentence is to be savoured.

The character development throughout the series is superb and all shine with a realism and we are also introduced to one of the most despicable characters i’ve read for sometime 

Whilst the third in the Tom Wilde series, this can be read as a standalone.

This is a series that just keeps on getting better and for me the best so far. One of those that once started it is hard to put down.

A Spy thriller of the highest quality, sure to be one of the hits of 2019.



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