Poetic Justice by R C Bridgestock



When Detective Jack Dylan heads home after a residential-course, he has no ideas that an extraordinary succession of events is about to turn his life upside down.

One of the finest writers of Police Procedural with that authentic feel writing today.

Format: Paperback                                            Publisher: The Dome Press

Opening with the discovery of a crashed car which has left one victim dead and one badly injured, the car is registered to Jack Dylan, however who was in the car. Flashback to 10 days earlier Dylan is returning home from a course, as he departs from the train and starts to leave the station he is subjected to an unprovoked attack. A series of events is about to turn his world upside down.

Dylan soon starts to discover that his wife may not be the woman he knows and loves, in addition his adopted daughter has dropped out of university. Soon two teenage girls disappear from home and Dylan must put aside his personal problems to lead the investigation.

In the previous books in the series we have had a glimpse into Dylans past, however, with the prequel Poetic Justice takes us back to the where it all began what made Dylan and Jen the people they are.

Whilst the book mainly focuses on Dylan and what made him the man he is, Jen plays a  vital and important role in shaping the future books.

The authors have a keen attention to the little details that bring those authentic touches which go into a real life investigation and makes for not only a fantastic read but makes the reader feel as though they are living the investigation as it unfolds in real time.

R C Bridgestock have managed to bring the reader a gripping read with a total sense of realism, also one full of tension mixed with compassion and at times heart wrenching as Dylan must face up the realities of life whilst remaining professional in the face of adversity.

The pacing is spot on, one feature of the books is the characters full of depth written with a style that makes them all believable

R C Bridgestock have brought all their years and real life experiences within the Police force to the fore and combined it with a quality of writing which is guaranteed to bring the reader a compelling and highly addictive read.

These have been one the most highly enjoyable Police procedural series I have read and in Poetic Justice we have for me the best to date.

Highly recommend 



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