One False Move by Robert Goddard


How Joe Roberts does what he does is a mystery. He has a brain that seems able to outperform a computer.

Robert Goddard is a Grandmaster of thriller writers.

Format: Hardback                                            Publisher: Bantam Press

Firstly many thanks to the publishers for a copy of the book.

Nicole Nevinson is sent by her employers Venstrom to Falmouth to make a job offer to Joe Roberts a genius when it comes to games and beating computers and their systems. Unfortunately Joes current boss has reasons for not wanting to let him go. For Nicole what seems a simple task will soon threaten her very life and she will face a fight for survival.

So begins and enthralling read full of tensions and excitement, 

The opening pages show an idyllic life in a Beautiful setting and offer no hint of the dangers to come.

The author has sublimely constructed a plot so that just when you think you know where the story is heading, bang you’re thrown a curve ball and sent of in a complete and unexpected direction, so that you end up with a taut, multilayered thriller. Expect the unexpected no point trying the second guess.

A book which slowly draws the reader in and doesn’t let go, a compelling read that I found hard to put down.

Superbly plot and character driven, the pace of the story is spot on in that it doesn’t rush at the beginning but sets the scenes for what is to follow as the action unfolds and the tension ratchets up leaving the reader breathless. 

Nicole is an engaging central character she is her own woman with a vulnerability that you would expect from someone in her job role, however, she is also strong with an overall determination to survive. She also has warmth and compassion to do right by those around her.

There is a wonderful narrative which leaves you feeling as though you as the reader know as much as Nicole the character knows, you’re reading the book through her eyes living her thoughts and fears wondering where you are going next. 

Robert Goddard knows how to set a scene and build a picture, so that nothing is as it seems.

One False Move is a thoroughly rewarding read that had me hooked from the opening pages.

Robert Goddard is one of todays foremost thriller writers, he knows  how to engage with and one who never disappoints the reader.

This is a book which would be perfect for the big screen.


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