Beyond Reasonable Doubt by Gary Bell

B7C80FC8-E746-40CF-81E6-49A2A06AEA7FAn unidentified young woman has been found murdered on the outskirts of Elliot Rook’s home town. Billy Barber a violent white supremacist is accused of her murder, and insists that Rook must defend him.

Format: Hardback                                     Publisher: Raven Books

A sure fire Summer hit – A legal thriller that packs a punch

Firstly many thanks to the author and publisher for an arc

Elliot Rook has recently made Silk, however his colleagues are not fully aware of his background and upbringing

When Rook is hired to defend Barber a man he knows only too well, against murder, his instinct is to say no, unfortunately Barber knows Rooks background and threatens to expose him to his colleagues, a move which could cost Rook everything. Rook enlists the Help of Zara state school educated and already turned down by his colleagues, however Rook sees something in her and together they set about gathering the evidence, they travel back to the mining town where Rook grew up and where the past can sometimes haunt you.

What follows is a hugely enjoyable read and right when you think you know where the story is heading you are hit with a twist and one that I didn’t see coming

Beyond Reasonable Doubt is an accomplished legal thriller, and the authors own background in the legal profession and upbringing clearly play a large part in making it so, both in the legal aspects of the case but also in the setting, places and landscape of the book. You know you are getting the real deal.

There is a gritty realism to the story that shines through the book.

Rook is certainly a character not without flaws but these just seem to make him hugely likeable, and more than ably assisted by Zara state and self educated determined to break down the snobbery that exists with some of Rooks colleagues and to make her own way in the legal world, together they make for a formidable partnership.

Gary Bell has a wonderful feel and writing style that engages and draws the reader in and doesn’t let go

Slick and wonderfully paced, I was hooked from the opening pages

One of the best legal thrillers I have read recently, reminded me of early Grisham in its ability to weave a narrative and sell a story.

I look forward to adding the Hardback to my collection.



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