Your Deepest Fear by David Jackson


Sara! Remember! Victoria and Albert. All I can say. They’re here. They’re-


Deliciously and Chillingly dark and brimming with suspense

Format: Hardback.                                                       Publisher: Zaffre

I must admit to being a huge fan of all of David Jacksons previous books, one of those authors who I will automatically go out and buy, I always have high expectations and always find those expectations matched and superseded.

Sara Prior has returned home to find her husband brutally murdered, a single message left on the telephone answer machine may be the only clue to finding his killer, however, what can it mean, Nathan Cody is struggling to answer that question,

Sara Prior is certainly not all she seems to be at first glance and has the determination to uncover the truth for herself, Meanwhile Cody has his own problems to deal with as the past is coming back to haunt him.

What follows is a wonderfully crafted, suspenseful and deliciously dark story which flows with unexpected twists.

David Jackson interweaves two story strands running concurrently, the brutal murder of Matthew Prior and Nathan Cody facing up to his inner demons and Waldo the clown!

A book which has a terrific narrative and if like me you have a fear of clowns plays upon that superbly, the story is slick and fast placed as you race to uncover the truth and find the killer. David Jackson has a great knack for providing plenty of twists and the unexpected and Your Deepest Fear does not disappoint on that front.

Nathan finds himself drawn into an unlikely friendship with Sara a wonderfully drawn character, strong with a self determination and the will power to uncover the truth, smart her own woman.

Nathan meanwhile finds himself playing to someone else’s tune

As much as though this is a police thriller, it is also in part a story of facing up to secrets and confronting your own fears.

David Jackson is an author who easily lures the reader in and doesn’t let go such is his writing style. Your deepest Fear left me breathless but most definitely wanting more.

The fourth in Nathan Cody series, a series which keeps on getting better

An author that deserves all the credit and plaudits, I read to be entertained and David Jackson does that every time.

Highly recommend


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