Ungentlemanly Warfare by Howard Linskey

Format: Paperback. Publisher: No Exit Press

Want to be guaranteed a gripping read then look no further than Howard Linskey

The Germans are close to developing a new Jet Fighter, the only thing which can prevent this is the death of the man behind the project, enter Harry Walsh.

A man hated by his own commanding officer, unconventional in his methods, determined and ruthless is his quest to succeed. As part of the SOE he holds the key to assassinating Professor Gaerte.

Harry is part of a select group parachuted into France the objective to meet up with the local Maquis to plot and reek havoc.

It soon becomes apparent that not everyone is who they seem to be, is there a spy in the camp?

No plot spoilers here, but what follows is a wonderfully crafted thriller of the highest quality with plenty of highs and lows the pace and action are relentless. The Germans are ruthless in their quest to find Harry.

However Harrys is equally as ruthless and along with an old friend Emma Stirling they set about their quest.

As the title suggest he is certainly no gentleman but he is a character superbly drawn by the author trapped in a loveless marriage and determined to do the honourable thing, however this is war and you never know when your last day maybe. Other unlikely romances and friendships are formed.

When all may seem lost the author delivers a wonderful twist at the end.

Howard Linskey has delivered a cracking read superbly plotted and paced, with plenty of tension and danger but also with a great sense of history. There is a terrific sense of time and place running throughout the book, you can immerse and feel yourself there in the background watching the action unfold thanks to the authors writing style.

Throughout the book there is a nod to Harrys background and what made him the man he is today and helps us to understand him more.

Told from differing viewpoints, the action takes place away from the frontline but in and around Rouen.

This is an exceptionally absorbing read, from the opening pages you get a great sense of what is to follow which in turn makes it difficult to put the book down.

Howard Linskey is one of todays foremost crime and thriller writers, one of my go to authors when I want to be guaranteed a cracking read.

Comes highly recommended


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