Death Run by Harry Dunn

A highly enjoyable read, relevant to todays world

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Caffeine Nights

A Jack Barclay Novel

Opening with the and I must admit most unusual bizarre death of a young women which has the Police baffled, Private Eye Jack Barclay is contacted by the sister of the dead woman who is convinced she was murdered. Jacks investigation lead him to Spain where the dead women lived, it becomes apparent that the women was not all she appeared to be and soon he starts to uncover some secrets, secrets which others don’t want to be revealed. Using his contacts with some of his former colleagues in the Police he finds a link to recent deaths from the opioid Fentanyl, however this also leads him to the dangerous underground world of drug smuggling which will put Jack into situations he would rather not be in.

This is the beginning to a wonderfully written novel

The story moves seamlessly between London and Spain and the action and danger soon hot up. The story has the right amount of tension and is wonderfully paced.

This is the third in the series of books by Harry Dunn all of which I have found to be highly enjoyable, always written with a keen eye and that sense of realism.

The author always manages to write wonderful and believable characters, and in that regard Jack is a strong and highly likeable character, the location settings are always spot and Harry Dunn manages to paint a vivid picture on the pages of the book, the action never slows and the writing slick and polished.

In Death Run we have a story line which is very relevant in todays world and highlights the dangers of such drugs and the murky underground in which these people operate.

Most importantly we also have a highly entertaining and hugely enjoyable read.


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