Rule Britannia by Alec Marsh

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Accent Press

This is the first in a new series featuring Ernest Drabble and Percival Harris

Set in the 1930s we find Cambridge historian & mountaineer Drabble given the opportunity to inspect the decapitated head of Oliver Cromwell, he sets off to Devon to meet up with Dr Wilkinson, whilst on his way an attempt is made on his life, worse awaits on his arrival at the doctors house he discovers that he has been murdered, in his hand he clutches a note from Winston Churchill saying that Cromwells head should be brought to London. Unbeknownst to Drabble he has unwittingly stumbled upon a pro Nazi conspiracy led by a high ranking government minister.

Also at the house is the doctors secretary Kate Honeyand they soon team up determined to deliver the head to Churchill, meanwhile back in London Harris who had been sworn to secrecy had inadvertently loosened his tongue one night whilst in the pub to someone in hindsight he had rather not, captured and tortured he relays information to the enemy which puts enemy agents hot on the heels of Drabble determined to take the head for their own purposes.

What then follows is a wonderful chase to London, the book is set in 1936 and has a wonderful nod to the golden age of crime writing but with a bit more guts and gore,

The author has concocted two wonderful characters in Drabble and Harris, one a perfect through and through gentleman with a taste for action and and one a bit more of a working lad happiest with a drink his hand, in this book Kate Honeyand is a perfect foil for Drabble with plenty of gusto and action of her own. The characters are wonderfully drawn and brought to life on the page

Now I must admit that the plot itself may seem a bit far fetched, however this should not deter anyone from reading and enjoying an action packed thriller.

The pace of the book is not fast paced but is however spot on for the times.

The thing that first attracted me to the book was the cover design,what’s inside the book is just as exciting.

For me this is very reminiscent of John Buchan in the style where he weaves a superb narrative, plot and have a go heroes and combines them into a fantastic read.

It is one of those that I found hard to put down, and am already eagerly looking forward to the next instalment.

Transport yourself back in time for a ripping read.


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