Gone by Leona Deakin

Format: Paperback.

Publisher: Black Swan

A debut thriller that more than packs a punch,hang onto your hats it’s a rollercoaster of a read.

Firstly many thanks to the publisher for a proof copy.

People are disappearing on their birthdays, nothing connects them except for a birthday card that reads ‘ Your gift is the game: Dare to Play?’

But this is no ordinary game and the stakes are high. The police at first are not too concerned but the families are.

As a favour to his sister Marcus Jameson agrees to look into one of the disappearances, Lana mother to a 16 year old daughter. Marcus persuades his work partner Dr Augusta Bloom psychologist and private detective to assist, somewhat sceptical she agrees to help.

Things take a strange twist when of the disappeared people turns up and commits murder, the police soon uncover that there are far more people who disappeared in similar circumstances and with Blooms help they begin to try to make sense of the strange going’s ons.

Whilst the story starts out slowly it soon builds into a slick fast paced thriller, there are sub plots a plenty, just who is playing the game and who is playing who.

The author has created a story full of drama and tension, clever and intelligent it’s difficult to find yourself not being drawn into the game.

There is also a clever sub story running alongside.

The characters are wonderfully drawn and Augusta Bloom is nobodies fool, she shares a thoughtful relationship with her partner, it’s nice to see a story where there is no underlying sexual tension between the main characters, but a professional pride in each other abilities and a sense of looking out for each other,

As the story develops and the pace and action ratchet up, it soon becomes apparent that Lana isn’t all she claimed to be and that playing the game can have dangerous consequences, there are plenty of cliffhangers which only make you want to keep turning the pages.

The writing itself is creative and the story has a strong narrative, written in a way that you have to keep going to see the story will next lead you, but above all it has that authentic believability about it.

In a race against time, the story takes an unexpected twist, one that I did’nt see coming, and builds to a highly charged ending.

I became interest in the book through the premise of the story and it more than lived up to expectations. I have to admit to not being the biggest fan of psychological thrillers, however when they are written as well as this it’s hard not to get hooked in.

For a debut novel this is highly accomplished and a wonderful introduction to a new fresh female private detective,one whom I can’t wait to read more of.

Highly recommend


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