Blue Moon by Lee Child

Mr Entertainer

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Bantam Press

Fate and circumstance lead Reacher to a town in the middle of nowhere, as the bus Reacher is on pulls into town, Jack is concerned for an elderly gentleman carrying what appears to be a large sum of money and more so the young guy who also appears to have noticed the same, as they exit the bus Jack is right to have been concerned, as the elderly gentleman is attacked Jack steps in in his own inimitable style to intervene.

The only problem for Reacher is that his concern and intervention lead him slap bang into the middle of a turf war between the Albanians and the Ukraine gangs who between them control the town, and there are more of them.

To give anything further away would be to spoil the story, and believe me you want to read this.

I have to admit to being a huge fan of Lee Childs and eagerly await the new book, so firstly many thanks to the publisher for sending me and early copy.

Lee Child for me is one of those authors who manages to pack so much into a thriller and Reacher usually finds himself in tough situations, however, the books never cross that fine line into ridiculous fantasy situations, you can always feel yourself there with Reacher and thanks to the writing you come away thinking yep that could have happened that way, for me it’s important that a thriller has a plausible plot and storyline.

We all know about Reacher the character, however Lee Child always has a strong array of supporting characters and in Blue Moon we are introduced to Abbey, a young woman trying to make amends meet, strong and independent she soon becomes accustomed to Jacks ways and is isn’t fazed by these. He also has a great cast of bad guys.

The book abounds with action and violence, but in Blue Moon underpinning all of this is Jacks compassion and determination to help an elderly couple and their ill daughter which is his sole motive.

Whenever I read a Lee Child, I find it easy to immerse myself into the story and book, you can feel yourself in the background as the action unfolds.

The storyline is fast paced and moves in real time, Lee Child always paints an evocative picture of the scenery and landscape where Reacher finds himself, and each scene and chapter are wonderfully written no words are wasted

Blue Moon is a classic page turner with just the right amount of cliffhangers and twists to keep you guessing and turning the pages.

I read for pleasure and entertainment after a days work, Lee Child epitomises all that is good in reading.


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