Payback by R C Bridgestock

The real deal when it comes to Police Procedurals

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Dome Press

As DI Charley Mann returns back home to lead a new team after having worked in the Met where she enjoyed a fast track career, she soon finds herself deep into a murder enquiry. An enquiry hampered by her ex boyfriend and local news reporter Danny Rey.

Having been a long time fan of the Dylan series, I always approach the start of the new series and characters with slight trepidation will it be as good?, will it have a different feel?, fortunately when you have two authors as good as RC Bridgestock those doubts fade away, from the opening pages you know you are in for a treat with a story that will have that authentic feel of an investigation happening in real-time.

Overall for me the book has a more grittier approach and a slightly different direction and feel to the Dylan books, certainly Charley Mann is not a woman to be questioned or messed with. As we are introduced to the cast of new characters there is an obvious and probably not unexpected tension within the team as they sound each other out.

Landscape also plays a vital role in bringing the story to life on the pages

The story flows at a wonderful pace as the investigation gathers a pace, with plenty of twists and turns, here is where the authors own experiences within the police force play a vital role in ensuring that the reader knows and can feel that at every step of the way this is how it would progress, however, don’t be fooled into thinking this will be a drab police SOP manual, the authors have a way of making the narrative interesting and exciting whilst at the same time giving the characters real depth and that human touch and above all a highly readable book. I eagerly look forward to seeing how Manns character develops in future books

Be prepared to be hooked from the opening pages, it will leave you wanting more,this is a stellar opening to what is going to be a wonderful new series and addition to the crime writing scene.

RC Bridgestock know how to write slick character and plot driven police procedurals, guaranteed to keep the reader engaged and entertained.


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