My top 10 reads of 2019

Well 2019 has been another vintage year for us readers and I always finding choosing my top reads a difficult decision but I always be true to myself and narrowing it down has proven a challenge.

My criteria for my reads of the year are quite simple the book has to have been published this year and and entertained me the most, as that is why I read.

So here goes:

# 10

The Familiars by Stacey Halls

I went right out of my reading comfort zone here, but when the writing is this good and story so well told, the book had me totally transfixed.


Ghost Fire by Wilbur Smith & Tom Harper

I must admit to being a massive Wilbur Smith fan, and this continuation of the Courtney family saga was a great addition and ripping adventure.


The Suspect by Fiona Barton

An authors that never fails to deliver a cracking read, guaranteed that once you start you won’t want to put down.


One Way Out by AA Dhand

This has been one the best series I have come across in the past few years, just keeps getting better.


Blue Moon by Lee Child

Mr Entertainer, never fails to deliver an unputdownable read, always eagerly await the new Reacher every year.


The Whisper Man by Alex North

I have long been a fan of the writing of Steve Mosby, but this went to another level, with wonderful twists and turns.


Tick Tock by Mel Sherratt

An author who always delivers, and boy as a Police Procedural this delivers on every front


Nemesis by Rory Clements

The Tom Wilde series of Historical Thrillers has been a revelation in recent years and another just gets better and better, cannot recommend enough


The Sinner by Martyn Waites

Another author who I have admired for years, but with last years The Old Religion and The Sinner he has taken it into the stratosphere, gripping and entertaining in equal measure, hooked from the get go

And so my favourite read of the year


Marked for Death by Tony Kent

Exploded onto the thriller writing scene with last years Killer Intent, hard to believe but Marked for Death went up a level it was everything I want in a thriller a gripping page turner guaranteed to entertain

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