Just Watch Me by Jeff Lindsay

A clever ingenious thriller

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Orion

Meet Riley Wolfe con man, master thief.

Riley wants to go for the sort of heist that will go down in history, to steal the impossible, the Crown Jewels of Iran.

It would be wrong to give any précis about the story as it would be full of spoilers and you need to read this for yourselves

Suffice to say one off the interesting things about this book is the fact that you know what the story is about, to a degree where it’s leading, however, for me this is where the authors talent for telling a story shines through.

Riley wants to pull off the heist of all heists, impossible yes as the jewels are surrounded by hi tech alarms as well as two highly trained teams of guards, however Reilly likes the thrill of the challenge to pit his wits against the best.

Unfortunately for Reilly he is also being pursued by the FBI who are only one step behind him.

In essence what we have is a very cleverly constructed sublimely plotted thriller,slick and fast paced. Reilly will stop at nothing to achieve his aim

The story is mainly told from two view points Riley’s and the FBI agent on his trail, each strand cleverly interwoven. Reilly enlists the help of master art forger Monique who at first laughs at the impossible but is soon drawn into fray.

Jeff Lindsay has crafted wonderful characters, it’s hard to know wether to like or despise Reilly a man focused, driven and single minded although underneath you suspect there is a soft edge. Reilly seems as much motivated by the thrill of the heist as well as the possible financial rewards.

Jeff Lindsay is a master storyteller and there is a freshness about Just Watch Me. It is a wonderfully engaging read, prepare to gripped from the opening pages, once started its hard not to put down, at times you keep wondering who is who and ultimately who is watching who, it’s certainly a rollercoaster with plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader second guessing, the actions rolls along and gathers pace to end, Will Reilly succeed?

Definitely one I would recommend


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