Black 13 by Adam Hamdy

A Masterpiece in Thriller writing

Format: Hardback

Published by: Macmillan

Meet ex spook Scott Pearce

Opening with the brutal murder of PI Nathan Foster a man hired by a law firm to look into Bayard Madison a private bank run by an unscrupulous Viscount with connections to the Ukrainians

Lawyer Melody Gold is sent to Thailand to hire Scott Pearce to take over the case hoping that his friendship with ex colleague Foster will convince him to help, this is only the beginnings of the troubles for both in what will become a battle for survival.

Back in the UK Pearce enlists the help of ex military friend Wayne Nelson and Leila Nahum with little to go on and no real clue as to who they have been hired by, they soon find themselves in the murky world of a sex ring and a terror plot by the far right.

At this point it would be unfair to give any more spoilers or plot lines as I don’t want to spoil the pleasure of reading this book.

Suffice to say Black 13 are an SAS style paramilitary organisation for the far right the elite of the elite, there is no rule book or rules in the world that they operate.

I read the book in a couple of days and at the end felt breathless, the pace of the story is pulsating. It opens at 100 miles an hour and just keeps on gathering pace and momentum.

The story is totally focussed on the modern world and it is clear that there the author has done some serious research into the technology and methods that prevail today, essential in giving the story an authentic feel, however, you still have to write a compelling book that doesn’t stray into the realms of fantasy and boy as Adam Hamdy done this

The world can be an unscrupulous place at times and this book shows how some can manipulate people into gaining power event at the highest levels, it is a perfect story for todays times.

It’s ok to have a great story but you need the characters to back this up and Adam Hamdy has created a veritable strong cast of characters that are more than brought to life on the page in particular Leila Nahum a woman troubled and haunted by her past in Syria, I particularly liked the way the author gave us her back to story to help the reader understand the woman she has become.

The plot and action move seamlessly, the tension keeps getting ratcheted up a gear as the story pulsates to the explosive ending, Don’t blink or you’ll miss something. At times the book is disturbing and there are plenty of head in your hands moments.

There is something of a freshness about this book. Thrillers do not come more explosive or fast paced than this, however for all the action there is an underlying sense to do right, not just for vengeance’s sake.

A wonderfully intelligent cutting edge story written by an author that knows how to grip the reader and not let go, you’re hooked from the opening pages

There won’t be many better thrillers this year and this is one I can’t recommend highly enough


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