Power Play by Tony Kent

A force to be reckoned with Tony Kent is at the forefront of todays thriller writers.

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Elliot & Thompson

Firstly many thanks to the publishers for sending me an advance copy of one the most highly anticipated reads of 2020

The third novel by Tony Kent opens with the killing of US presidential candidate Dale Victor in a plane explosion along with hundreds of other victims, seemingly a case of terrorism. However when a Syrian refugee walks into a Police Station all that will change, meanwhile over in the states Jack Dempsey is tasked into investigating the possibility that the aircraft was brought down to silence Dale Victor.

What you have here is a cleverly constructed Political thriller where the stakes are set at the highest level as a power play within the White House threatens the President and democracy where the winner takes all. Joe Dempsey has to learn fast who he can trust as the unseen enemy try to prevent him from getting to the truth. It’s a battle for survival where the ramifications for failure don’t bear thinking about. Packed with plenty of twists and turns to keep you second guessing and one curveball that I for one didn’t see coming which added a completely new thread and took the story of in a new direction adding a whole different dimension to the storyline.

Whilst the authors first two books centred more around Michael Devlin, here Joe Dempsey comes more to the fore which add a new dimension and viewpoint to the book. The book is packed with plenty of gripping tension and drama a story full of pace and fast moving action which are sure to keep the reader hooked, particularly one scene centre around the London Underground. Centred around all the action the book has plenty of characters showing the human cost and emotion of the events taking place, all thoughtfully written in a way which bring them to life on the page.

Entertaining and compelling. Tony Kent totally captures the essence of thriller writing and brings together all the elements and ingredients which go into making for a stellar read and combines them with a writing style that make for compulsive reading, from the literally explosive opening to the highly charged ending. A book that once started you won’t want to put down, the words page turner were invented for books like this

Power Play is definitely a thriller for todays times, Tony Kent has conjured up a story topical and highly relevant.

Tony Kent burst onto the thriller writing scene with Killer Intent a Zoe Ball book club pick, followed by Marked for Death a Richard & Judy book club. For me though Power Play has taking his writing to a whole new level a tour de force in thriller writing

Tony Kent writes the kind of books I like to read

A 5* rollercoaster of a thriller, a sure fire hit for 2020. A highly recommend read.

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