Beneath the Streets by Adam Macqueen

Format: Paperback.

Published by: Lightning Books

A wonderfully compelling political thriller full of intrigue and suspense

A young rent boys body is fished out of a pond on Hampstead Heath, the Police appear to have no interest in investigating, quite by chance and circumstance Tommy Wildeblood a former rent boy finds himself investigating. Not knowing quite what he has let himself in for or the dangers he is facing nor that the fact he is not actually a private detective, Tommy sets out to find the truth.

It is not long before he finds himself in the middle of a political intrigue that leads right to the very top of government. Jeremy Thorpe has had his former lover murdered, and it would appear that the establishment are covering it up.

What follows is a wonderfully concocted storyline and plot which blends fiction with real life characters in a gripping and intriguing thriller. Set in the somewhat seedier side of 1970s Soho and London

I must admit that at the outset Tom was not a character that appealed to me and I had a sense of how is he going to fit into the story that would make the plot believable, however Adam Macqueen has written a wonderfully rounded, certainly flawed but in the end hugely likeable character that you feel yourself rooting for him as he gets dragged deeper into the political system.

Darkly gritty you certainly get a sense of realism. London itself is as central a character to the book and the Streets are brought to life on the page as you walk the streets with Tom.

As the story moves and flows, at times you wonder where the corruption actually stops and the lengths that people will go to make sure the truth does not out.

It definitely leaves you with plenty of questions and a sense of what if, and right at the end there is a superb twist in the tale.

Beneath the Streets is a highly compelling debut novel that manages to draw the reader in, with a wonderful mix of suspense and tension, it is one of those reads where you want to take in every word


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