The Mist by Ragnar Jonasson

A Masterpiece in scene setting and plot construction

Format: Hardback

Published By: Michael Joseph

I don’t want to say a lot about the plot as that would be to spoil it for the reader and I want them to discover the gems that lie within the pages of the book.

However, take one disappeared girl and a couple who live in a remote and inhospitable farm house, that’s all your getting, read enjoy and discover the truth for yourself.

This is the Third (or first depending on your viewpoint) in the acclaimed Hidden Iceland Series featuring Hulda Hermannsdottir,

I found this book to be as much about a sense of place as about any of the characters, the harshness and remoteness of the farmhouse are central to the story and the author superbly draws and paints an evocative picture on the pages of the bleakness. This is in someways a darkly chilling read.

Ragnar Jonasson is one of those authors who write so descriptively about the location in which the story is set, you can almost feel yourself shivering with the coldness.

The plotting of the book is a masterpiece and the story is wonderfully constructed, there are plenty of twists and turns to keep you second guessing yourself and intrigue abounds. The characters come fully formed and in Hulda the author has created a deep and in someways tragic character, she could almost be formed from the Icelandic landscape, in this book you get a sense of the tragedy which befalls her and also forms and develops her for the other books

For me there is a nod to Agatha Christie and is someways this could almost be a country house mystery, certainly the plotting has undertones of vintage Christie

It is impossible not to be instantly drawn into the storyline thanks to the authors knack for creating open pages that are guaranteed to fill you with a deep sense of needing to know where the plot will lead you, the pages will turn themselves as you race to discover the truth.

As with any book in translation thanks must go the translator and here Victoria Cribb is to be applauded.

Nordic Noir at its finest. Ragnar Jonasson has for me been one of the best finds and one of the outstanding authors in recent years

Whilst the third book in the series do not be put off if you haven’t read the rest (you soon will) this can easily be read as a standalone. Cannot recommend this highly enough


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