The Split by Sharon Bolton

Format: Hardback

Published by:Trapeze

Starting out in as remote a spot as you could find, Felicity has gone to South Georgia to work and to escape her past, however, the last tourist boat of the season is due to dock and Felicity’s past is about to catch up to her unfortunately there aren’t that many places to run and hide.

We then flashback nine months earlier where we find Felicity who is suffering from short term amnesia meet up with Joe who is trying to treat her.

Enough of the plot and storyline as to say too much would be to spoil the enjoyment of the reader and you need to uncover the truth for yourselves.

What we have in essence here is a superbly written psychological thriller, written in a way to keep the reader second guessing combined with plenty of twists and turns.

I particularly liked the way that each chapter is written from the viewpoint of one of the main characters. As for the characters themselves, each is strongly written, each carrying enough baggage and torment, for me though the Joes mother Delilah shone out.

There is a terrific interplay between Felicity and Joe which just borders on the right side of professionalism.

The plotting of the book is superb, the twists are there to keep the reader on their toes. The suspense and tension heighten with each passing page.

Setting a book in such a remote place may not be the convention, however, it works superbly here, the bleakness and harshness of the landscape add an extra dimension and atmosphere which work to enhance the storyline and add a certain chill.

Sharon Bolton has written this in such a way to grab the reader from the opening pages and once there not let go as you race to read to the end to uncover the truth.

Sharon Bolton is one author always guaranteed to deliver a 5* star read and this is no exception.

I have to admit I am not the biggest fan of psychological thrillers, but The Split is something else is highly recommend.


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