Alice Teale is Missing by H A Linskey

An author that always delivers a cracking read

Format: Paperback

Published by: Penguin Books

Alice Teale has disappeared into thin air, last seen leaving school with no apparent reason to go missing. DC Beth Winter is on a fast track career and is assigned to join up with DS Lucas Black, a man with a past. Can they find Alice?

This is a chilling read set in Collemby in Northumberland, a somewhat impoverished town with characters to match. Alice comes from a somewhat dysfunctional family, there are plenty of suspects who could be involved in her disappearance, not least her current and ex boy friend. Alice is a popular girl with no reason to go missing.

The story abounds with plenty of suspects which makes the job of narrowing the field down not an easy one, however Winter and Black are determined not to let anything stand in their way to uncover the truth.

As for Winter and Black themselves on the face of it it seems an unlikely pairing, Black on the surface is a bit of a loner and outsider (for obvious reasons which will soon become apparent to the reader) , Winter is on her first major case determined to succeed, at the outset there is a feeling of mistrust, however the author cleverly uses that and turns it around, as at its heart they both want the truth.

There is veritable cast of strong and superbly written characters all seemingly with a reason to want to harm Alice, this is where the author comes to fore in creating plenty of smokescreens and leading the reader in one direction only to be hit with plenty of twists,

You also get a tremendous sense of place with the locations and setting, which are wonderfully described and give that feeling of belonging there

The book although told in real time is fast paced and slick, well plotted, you can’t help yourself in wanting to race to the end. I found myself completely engrossed from the opening pages . The chapters taken from Alices journal add an extra dimension to the storyline and link in superbly to the main plot.

As the book ends I eagerly look forward to see where the author takes them and how the characters develop, interesting cases lie ahead.

For me this is how Police Procedurals should be written and comes highly recommended.


I have long been a fan of Howard Linskey for me an author that never disappoints and always delivers a cracking read. Deeply addictive and strong on characters.

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