The Curator by M W Craven

Reading M W Craven is like riding a rollercoaster only with more thrills full of complex twists and turns, prepare yourself for a highly adrenaline fuelled read.

Format: Hardback

Published by: Constable

A macabre opening as three pairs of fingers are discovered at different locations throughout Cumbria, the only clue #BSC6 which is left at each scene. As the NCA team are called in, the bodies start to be found, on the face of it they would appear to be random acts as nothing seems to link the victims.

The investigation is being lead by DSI Jo Nightingale and Poe comes recommended to her as a man who maybe un orthodox but who gets results.

I am not going to give any more of the plot away, as to spoil it for the reader would be a sin.

My Thoughts:

Having read the previous books my expectations and anticipations levels for this were set extremely high but I was not quite prepared for what I read, a masterpiece in the crime thriller.

What you get here a deliciously intricate and superbly plotted complex novel, slick and wonderfully brought to life on the page.

If you have read the other books you will be familiar with the relationship between Poe and Tilly although I felt in this that Tilly came a little more out of herself, they re a perfect foil for each other, the author has a wonderful way of ensuring that they keep each other on the straight and narrow with an overwhelming respect for each other. The introduction of Jo Nightingale added another dimension and her character shone throughout.

The Cumbrian landscape may at times seem dark and bleak but it feeds into giving the storyline an extra richness and depth, and the author brings the landscape vividly to life on the pages.

The plotting is on another level, intricate and when you think you have it all worked out then think again as the twists keep on coming. The pace of the story flows and is written in a way that guarantees that you will want to keep on turning the pages. You will be hooked from the opening pages.

As you race to the end at times I found myself holding my breath as the book both grips and terrifys in equal measure

As much as this is a crime book it also a book about the characters and though the crimes maybe gruesome, there are touching and humorous scenes between Poe and Tilly, the character development between the two between each book has been one of the joys in reading.

One thing when reading the previous books as much as they are who dunnits they are also equally why dunnits and the author always cleverly describes this in great detail.

It would be fair to say that as with The Puppet Show and Black Summer I throughly enjoyed the ride. I cannot recommend M W Craven highly enough, an author that never disappoints


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1 thought on “The Curator by M W Craven

  1. Thanks, great review. We are reading it this month. Can’t wait


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