Without a Trace by Mari Hannah

One of todays finest writers of Police Procedurals

Format: Hardback

Published by: Orion Fiction

Kate Daniels is back and that makes this reader happy, it’s been awhile but this is the 7th in the highly acclaimed series, and it doesn’t disappoint.

A plane en route between London and New York has disappeared from the radar,on board was Jo Soulsby the love of Kates life. Kate has no right to be involved in the investigation, however, she is determined to find the truth and in grief refuses to accept that Jo is dead. Setting off for London with her 2ic Hank by her side in the knowledge that she will likely be refused any role in the investigation, however, Kate is prepared to risk all in her pursuit of the truth.

My Thoughts:

Be prepared to put yourself through an emotional wringer, as much as this is a Police thriller it’s a book about the human ability to refuse to accept the truth and be blinkered with a single mindedness that will toy with every emotion. It’s as though Kate is on a personal journey and thanks to the authors writing you can feel yourself in Kates shoes having your heart strings pulled in every direction, thankfully Kate has Hank Gormley by her side and you can feel the genuine warmth and friendship as well as a mutual respect between colleagues, this shines throughout the book. We are also introduced to Torres who works for Homeland Security another strongly written character. One thing you can be guaranteed when reading Mari Hannahs books is the ability to write strong compelling characters but give them that human side each with their own traits that makes the characters believable

As for the plot, there are two central plot lines running parallel to each other, however, be prepared for plenty of twists and the book to move in different directions as the author weaves the strands of the book wonderfully together.

Like any good Police Procedural the book moves in real time and for me that is important in creating a believable time-line which adds that feeling of authenticity as well as that the author knows how to hook the reader, I was gripped from the opening pages to finale, once started you need to know the where the story is going to lead you. Mari Hannah is a master at knowing when to increase the suspense and drama and this book is no different.

This is not a book for the faint hearted it is a book packed with emotion and it will tug at the heartstrings, but for all that the author has crafted a fantastic police thriller

I have to admit that I have been a fan of Mari Hannahs from the beginning and always know I am going to be treated to a gripping read not only with plenty of action but strong on character. it’s also those details which go into a police investigation which are important to the author that they come across on the pages.

Highly recommend


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