Hunted by Alex Knight

Heart pounding race to uncover the truth. Gripping and compulsive, grabs the reader and doesn’t let go.

Format: Paperback

Published by: Orion Fiction

When Jake Ellis opens the door to find his girlfriend’s daughter covered in blood, little does he realise how much trouble he is in. With little time to gather his thoughts, he soon realises that he is the number one suspect in the attempted murder of the girls mother and has only minutes before the police and FBI coming knocking at his door, so begins the chase to uncover the truth.

My Thoughts: In a nutshell what you have here is a thrill a minute read, a plot that is cleverly constructed and a read that will have your heart pounding wanting to draw breath.

The author has created strong characters, it is easy to at once to like Jake Ellis and to root for him, even though he maybe a murderer a bit of a loner with not many places to turn, his overriding concern apart from discovering the truth is to protect the young girl Molly, there is a depth and strength to their relationship that comes across strongly on the pages, as for Molly a young person wise and mature at times vulnerable . FBI Agent Lark iawomen determined to get her man but not necessarily at any cost she will follow the evidence wherever that may lead. There is a great sense of depth to all the characters throughout and combine that with the locations and the way they are written, the author has constructed a book with plenty of feeling with a real sense of place

The book is set in and around San Francisco and the small towns and places visited were wonderfully described and brought to life, gives you a real feel and sense of place for small town America.

The plot itself is a masterpiece in construction you never quite know which direction the author is going to take you. The pace is relentless, at the beginning of the book Jake and Molly have only minutes to make good their escape and the book has that same feeling running throughout it never lets up, it doesn’t give the reader time to draw breath. From the opening pages you find yourself hooked and immersed into the story. Thanks to the writing you can feel yourself in Jakes shoes drawing his every breath

The way the chapters are constructed with that short pithy style, you need to keep reading you need to know what happens next, it’s almost as though the pages will turn themselves as you race to the end, as for the end not one I saw coming

The kind of book that should come with a warning to ensure you cancel all other plans because the book will get under your skin, you won’t want to put it down.

In essence a cat and mouse chase full of tension and dramatic scenes, it’s a high octane and ultimately one hell of a satisfying read. I read purely for entertainment and this is the kind of book that delivers that in spades.

2020 is turning into a cracking year for thrillers and Hunted is right up there with the very best. Definitely comes highly recommended


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