Shooter in the Shadows by David Hewson

A deliciously dark and twisty tale a compelling read in a race against time. Lose and you die

Format: Paperback

Each year Tom Honeyman goes to Maldetto an uninhabited island he owns in a lagoon in Venice to put the finishing touches to his new novel, only this year will be different, for Tom is not alone, also his estranged daughter has disappeared. Tom is somewhat of a one hit wonder when wrote a novel several years past based on a true crime where two people died in a fire in the town where he was a reporter, however it seems that the story Tom wrote was not accurate and someone wants the truth written, the catch Tom has 4 days in which to re write the book and find the real killer, the price of failure death.

I have to admit to being fan of the authors previous books and this does not disappoint. Always strong on narrative with subtle twists along the way, gripping and engaging

The story itself is told from two view points the present day and the past when the original murders took place. Here Toms would be killer is obviously familiar with the case and feeds Tom titbits from which Tom has to uncover the truth and re write the story.

David Hewson paints a vivid picture of the past and has created a wonderful feel for small town America and the characters who inhabit the town, as the book begins you believe everything to be straightforward, however, the author cleverly begins to sow the seeds of doubt.

With only 4 days to uncover the truth you can feel the urgency and tension build for Tom as he struggles not only to uncover the true killer but battles the solitude knowing his very move is being watched and every written word judged.

One thing that always stands out when reading the authors books is a strong sense of place, and here you get a real feel for this small island.

The plotting is intricate and the twists along the way are enough to leave the reader second guessing themselves as for the ending this is wonderfully constructed and not what I was expecting or where I thought the plot line would lead.

I have to say I was hooked from the opening pages and this is a wonderful premise for a crime novel as the truth is slowly revealed you can’t help but keep reading. One I would highly recommend


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