The Resident by David Jackson

Addictive, griping and just a bit creepy

Format: Hardback

Published by: Viper

Thomas Brogan is on the run with the Police in pursuit he stumbles upon a derelict and boarded up end terrace house. Whilst looking for the perfect hiding place he climbs into the loft, there he discovers that there is access into the lofts of the next three neighbouring houses. For the unknowing neighbours this is somewhat of a problem for Brogan is a sadistic killer and for the neighbours the terrors are only just starting.

What we have here in essence is a highly suspenseful and gripping thriller. The narrative is in the main told from 2 standpoints, Brogans and the voice of reason in Brogans head and the two play and interact beautifully of each other.

As the story progresses every fibre of your being knows you shouldn’t but it is in someways hard not to start to like Brogan as a character, you have to keep reminding yourself he is there for one reason only and its not be a friendly next door neighbour. The author has written very compelling characters and you have to feel for Martyn and Collette and the torments they are put through, although they all have secrets they would rather remain kept secret but Brogan is looking to have a little fun.

Part of the enjoyment is that the story is told over the span of a few days, which adds to the sense of realism of the plot, as for the plot and the storyline, here you have a masterpiece in engaging the reader and keeping them on the edge of their seats, the way the book is written you are compelled to keep turning the pages. There is nothing predictable about this book and there are plenty of twists along the way. The ending has plenty of surprises.

Somewhat disturbing, not necessarily one you want to read late at night as you will start to question just the slightest of noises.

David Jackson manages to get inside your head and torments you with terrors that lurk in the dark spaces. The writing is addictive, peppered with dark humour, as the story progresses the tension starts to ratchet up. An author that knows how to build and pitch the suspense.

I have long been a fan of David Jacksons previous books and can highly recommend them all, but for me this his best to date, definitely one not to be missed.


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