Hunter Killer by Brad Taylor

Thriller writing at its most addictive

Format: Hardback

Published by: Head of Zeus

Published: 01/10/20

When someone attempts to kill Pike Logan and with his unit officially shutdown, nothing is going to stop him in quest for revenge. I don’t want to delve any further into the plot as this would just spoil the readers entertainment and you need to discover Logan’s world for yourself

Firstly though many thanks to the publisher for a copy of the book and for inviting me to be part of the blog tour.

Whilst this the 14th book in the series it is the first to be published in the UK (long overdue say I), however this is not my first read, having bought some of the earlier books from America, therefore I was eager to carry on the series as I knew as was in for a treat and boy I was not disappointed. Do not be put off by this being the 14th in a series it reads as a standalone, however I am pretty sure you will soon be hunting down and devouring the back list

From the opening pages you are gripped and thrown headlong deep into Logans undercover and covert world

This is an all action thriller, slick and fast paced, you have to keep pausing to catch your breath.

As you may imagine deep into a series the main characters are fully formed in their traits the author clearly has an understanding into the human nature of this type of character and thanks to the writing you can feel the tension and anguish which torments Logan and the inner turmoil he goes through to keep from fully losing it. Each member of the Taskforce bring their own unique skills into play and rather than being a team of separate individuals are more like a family

Brad Taylor is a master at plotting and in Hunter Killer you have several threads all which tie wonderfully together, the author knows just when to ratchet up the pace and suspense, as for the story itself this mainly centres around Brazil and again thanks to the writing you get a real feel and sense of place, however, as much as this is an action thriller there is a warmth and human side which sometimes can get overlooked, in Hunter Killer Pike Logan has not only himself to think off there is a terrific sense of human nature and an inner battle between letting the head or the heart prevail and knowing when to not cross the line

You just know that the author knows their subject and this easily comes across on the pages, it is one of those books where the author immerses the reader into the story to an extent where you can feel yourself there on the pages watching as the action unfolds.

The action moves seamlessly as the team close the net around the enemy, here again the can feel the urgency as the clock is ticking

Get the coffee on standby and be prepared to be hooked from the get go

Like your thrillers adrenaline fuelled and explosive then this is the book for you, definitely one of 2020s top reads. Highly recommend


Brad Taylor is the New York Times bestselling author of the Taskforce series with nearly 3 million copies sold.

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