The Stasi Game by David Young

Format: Paperback

Published by: Zaffre 31.12.20 (available to pre order)

Firstly many thanks to the publisher for a copy of the book and for inviting me to be part of the blog tour.


Dresden, East Germany, 1980 – A man’s body is found buried in concrete at a building site in the new town district. When People’s Police homicide captain Karin Muller arrives at the scene, she discovers that all of the body’s identifiable features have been removed- including it’s fingertips.

My Thoughts:

This is a new author to me so had no preconceived ideas from the previous books in the series as to what may lay ahead, however, what did lay ahead was an excellent read with plenty of dark intrigue, suspense and tense drama.

Whilst this is the sixth instalment in the series it easily reads as a standalone and not having read the previous books did not spoil my entertainment.

The book wonderfully blends fact with fiction and in part centres around the bombings of Dresden and Hull and the impact and after affects on the characters lives.

As Karin investigates the body in the concrete little does she realise the path her investigation will lead. The early part of the book deals with unlikely friendship of two young people and is wonderfully descriptive in portraying love and innocence and builds on what will follow all those years later in dealing with the scars and after affects of the war and the bombings. For Karin and her team she not only has to juggle the investigation but also the interference of the Stasi as she searches to uncover the truth, a truth that some want to remain hidden whatever the cost.

The plot line is superbly crafted and the author blends historical facts and interweaves them into a thoroughly enjoyable thriller, the landscape in which the book is set is somewhat bleak and soulless, however this only adds to the atmospheric setting, as for the story itself this moves along seamlessly with plenty of twists and turns.

The author has written characters which are superbly rounded and drawn and brought to life on the pages, there are moments of tenderness combined with fear, fighting for your survival.

As the book races along the ending is sublime in mixing drama with a heightened sense of tension.

Thanks to the authors wonderful writing it is one of those books into which you can fall under its spell and feel yourself there lurking in the background whilst the action unfolds around you.

I found myself hooked from the opening pages and had to keep reading to know how the book was going to end, a clever mix of history and fiction which in part will leave you wanting to read more of the historical side. Be prepared to to be immersed into Karen’s world and that of the Stasi

I will certainly be buying the previous books so I can enjoy further the dark intriguing world of East Germany

A highly recommended read


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