Sound of the Sinners by Nick Quantrill

Yorkshire Noir at its Finest

Format: Paperback.

Published by: Fahrenheit Press

Available to buy now.

Joe Geraghty has returned home from Amerstdam to attend the funeral of his former business partner Don Ridley who was found dead shortly after asking for Geraghty’s help.

The fourth novel in the acclaimed series featuring private eye Joe Geraghty

Don Ridley was supposedly killed as the result of an accidental hit & run, whilst Joe doubts this as first he is reluctant to get involved, however Joe feels almost duty bound to investigate whatever the consequences even if that means putting his own life on the line.

I don’t really want to say to much about the plot as that would only spoil the readers enjoyment

The plot mainly centres around an unsolved murder 30 years in the past, to uncover the truth Joe has to understand what part Don played in this, however standing in his way are the local MP Ian Jagger and former professional footballer turned business man Grant Piercy.

The book is wonderfully plotted and the story moves along at a pace to the dramatic ending, Packed with plenty of tension and drama, however, for me this all about the characters which really make the story come alive on the pages, the author has a terrific knack for writing believable characters that get under your skin, each holding secrets, central and equally important is the landscape of Hull itself and the surrounding areas which in some ways portrays a bleakness but adds real depth and feeling to the book. All these combine to make one terrific read. There is a brutal honesty in the way story is told as corruption abounds. Some will stop at nothing to ensure the truth remains buried in the past,

You can have a great plot but without the characters to go along the story can feel flat, here you have both that elevates and the gives the book that added dimension, a wonderful portrayal of place and character.

Nick Quantrill writes with a gritty and un compromising realism, and portrays a great sense of place and time, do not be put off by the fact that this is the fourth in the series as it easily reads as a standalone.

For me this is the best in the series to date, and would have no hesitation in recommending all in the series,

Other books in the series:

Broken Dreams

The Late Greats

The Crooked Beat


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