My Top 10 reads of 2020

Fair to say it has been a pretty rubbish year, with the exception of the reading year, the depth and quality gets stronger each year, which makes choosing a top 10 list exceedingly difficult, it could easily have been a top 20, however you have to be true to yourself.

As always my list is compiled of those books published in 2020, I read for entertainment to transport me away from the hum drum work life, these are the books which entertained me the most.

In reverse order:

# 10: Hunted by Alex Knight – a wonderful thriller with a slightly unusual premise, the chase is definitely on.

# 9: Deep Dark Night by Steph Broadribb – A kickass protagonist, in a series that goes from strength to strength

# 8: A Wash of Black by Chris McDonald – A fantastic debut novel, reads more like a seasoned professional

# 7: The Englishman by David Gilman, the first in a new series, highly compelling

# 6: Without a Trace by Mari Hannah – The welcome return of Kate Daniels a story packed with emotion

# 5: Hitler’s Secret by Rory Clements – One of the best historical thriller series of recent years

# 4: Liar Liar by Mel Sherratt – Cracking police procedural about the choices we make and the consequences that follow

# 3: Box 88 by Charles Cumming – An outstanding spy novel that totally enthrals, a book where you have to read every word

# 2: Power Play by Tony Kent- A fantastic author in todays thriller writing field with a book perfectly pitched for 2020, explosive from first to last, an author that knows what I like to read.

# 1: Black 13 by Adam Hamdy -My standout read of 2020, a book that has it all great mix and ability of characters, relentless pacing and thrills galore.

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