Red Corona by Tim Glister

Format: Hardback

Published by: Point Blank

A debut of the highest quality, oozing tension and drama. Packs a punch. There is a new author on the thriller block.


British secret agent Richard Knox has been hung out to dry by someone in MI5, and whilst his former boss lies in a coma, he needs to find the traitor in their midst.

Meanwhile in Russia Irina Valera discovers the secret to sending messages through space, a technology that could change the world. But a terrible accident forces her to flee.

Desperate for a way back into MI5, Knox makes an unlikely ally in Abey Bennett, one of the CIA’s only female recruits, realising that Valera’s technology in the hands of the KGB could be catastrophic for the West.

My Thoughts;

In essence what you have here is a wholly gripping thriller set during the Cold War, as Richard Knox tries to restore his reputation and uncover a KGB mole at the heart of the secret service. The author has written characters who are compelling not only in their manner but in their traits, they have depth, you can feel them alive on the pages, you can instantly relate to both Knox and Bennett, are they perfect no, do they have flaws yes, but this only enhances their characters, however I found myself more drawn to Irina and her story, a daily struggle to survive in the harshest of conditions.

There has clearly been plenty of research carried out and this blends superbly with the fiction within the narrative of the book, The setting and locations within the book only add to the atmosphere

The author has created a well plotted thriller with a pace to match the times, there is a wonderful mix of tension and taut drama, the plot twists keep you guessing all the way to end.

Red Corona will keep you hooked from the opening pages until the dramatic ending, enjoy the ride along the way, this for me was a one day read, it is difficult to put the book down once started.

A highly engaging historical thriller, one I would have no hesitation in recommending

I for one eagerly await the authors next book


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