The Jigsaw Man by Nadine Matheson

Format: Hardback

Published by: HQ

A dark, raw, intense and frankly jaw dropping gripping read.

A definite welcome new voice to the crime writing scene

Firstly many thanks to the publisher for a proof copy


When body parts are found on the banks of the River Thames in Deptford, DI Angelica Henley is tasked with finding the killer. Eerie echoes of previous crimes lead Henley to question Peter Olivier, aka The Jigsaw Killer, who is currently serving a life sentence for a series of horrific murders. 

When a severed head is delivered to Henley’s home, she realises that the copycat is taking a personal interest in her and that the victims have not been chosen at random. 

To catch the killer, Henley must confront her own demons – – and when Olivier escapes from prison, she finds herself up against not one serial killer, but two

My Thoughts:

Definitely not for the faint hearted, the book certainly is certainly descriptive gives you more than a sense of what it likes to come face to ‘face’ with dismembered body parts.

Whilst this is a Police procedural there is also a emphasis on the thriller, the plot line is fresh and inventive, the story flows and the pace of the book whilst fast paced in parts doesn’t forget those passages involved in the investigation room and all that entails.

There are plenty of diverse characters within the book, however there are no egos you can sense and feel the teamwork as they look to apprehend the killer.

As for the central characters Anjelica Henley, here you have a woman who clearly has plentiful backstory still to be developed, a troubled marriage and the woman who captured the Jigsaw Man whilst being injured in the line of duty, you get a sense that she is a strong person determined to succeed whilst at the same time having a vulnerable side, not afraid to reach out to others. Ably assisted by trainee Salim Ramouter a man eager to learn he makes for a perfect foil for Henley and adds plenty to the investigation with well thought out and conjectured comments, there is a definite working chemistry there. Each character within the book is described and depicted with a real sense of realism.

As the plot moves along, here the author cleverly introduces a few red herrings and twists to keep the reader on their toes so your never sure who the killer is.

When the ending comes it is satisfyingly disturbing and suspenseful as what has come before, guaranteed to keep the reader breathless

The book touches on some sensitive issues but treats them with due deference, these may well be explored in future books.

In someways this doesn’t read like a debut so good is the narrative and writing. I got the feeling of a nod to Silence of the lambs

A book that once started will be hard to put down, you need to know what happens next. Comes highly recommended.


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