Edge of the Grave by Robbie Morrison

Format: Hardback

Published by: Macmillan

5* debut of distinction, full of raw grit, a wonderfully portrayed slice of Glasgow in the 1930s


Glasgow, 1932.

When the son-in-law of one of the city’s wealthiest families is found floating in the River Clyde with his throat cut, it falls to Inspector Jimmy Dreghorn to lead the murder case – despite sharing a troubled history of his own with the victim’s widow. 

From the flying fists and flashing blades of Glasgow’s gangland underworld, to the backstabbing upper echelons of government and big business, Dreghorn will have to dig deep into Glasgow society to find out who wanted the man dead and why. 

All the while, a sadistic murderer stalks the post-war city leaving a trail of dead bodies in their wake. As the case deepens, will Dreghorn find the killer – or lose his own life in the process?

My thoughts:

Welcome to the world of Detective Inspector Dreghorn and Detective Seargeant McDaid as they investigate the murder of Charles Geddes part of one of Glasgows richest families.

This is an exhilarating Police thriller played out against the backdrop of the depression of 1930s Glasgow, the gangs that control the streets and the sectarianism that that brings, political and social injustices

Dreghorn has a past with the family of the murder victim and the author cleverly plays on this with flashbacks to the past which add an extra dimension to the characters behaviour in the modern day.

The plot is wonderfully constructed, the narrative is strong, down to earth, written in such a way that superbly portrays a slice of 1930s Glasgow full of realism, the book abounds with raw grit, drama and tension, oozing in authenticity, dripping in hard hitting drama

The characters all have a real sense of believability each beautifully brought to life on the page, however one of the main characters is the Glasgow setting and it is here where the author excels in bringing the streets to life, such is the writing that you can feel yourself there lurking in the background,

As the investigation continues this leads the detectives into a different direction and a more murkier side. As you would expect from the times and setting the book is packed with violence, graphic in its description told in a way to give a real sense of feeling.

The ending certainly doesn’t hold back nor disappoint

This is definitely a book which leaves nothing behind, nor does it shy away in its descriptive passages and this only enhances the feel of the story

The way the book is written make it very easy to fall into Dreghorns world, you will be hooked as gripped in equal measure, it’s hard to let go

Such is the powerful narrative it is hard to believe this to be a debut novel,this has hit written all over, and one I would not hesitate to recommend

A scintillating read


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