The Fine Art of Invisible Detection by Robert Goddard

Format: Hardback

Published by: Bantam Press

Welcome to the wonderful world of Wada


Umiko Wada has recently had quite enough excitement in her life. With her husband recently murdered and a mother who seems to want her married again before his body is cold, she just wants to keep her head down.

As a secretary to a private detective, her life is pleasingly uncomplicated, filled with coffee runs, diary management and paperwork.

That is, until her boss takes on a new case. A case which turns out to be dangerous enough to get him killed. A case which means Wada will have to leave Japan for the first time and travel to London.

Following the only lead she has, Wada quickly realises that being a detective isn’t as easy as the television makes out. And that there’s a reason why secrets stay buried for a long time. Because people want them to stay secret. And they’re prepared to do very bad things to keep them that way…

My Thoughts:

Firstly many thanks to the publisher for an arc.

Robert Goddard always manages to keep his thrillers fresh and inventive and this book is no different.

The plot line is superbly intricate and complex, however you never lose yourself along the way whilst reading. In someways there are two separate story lines, though both are implicitly connected, the narrative throughout is masterful in keeping the reader hooked.

Robert Goddard is the master of suspense and twists and this book abounds with both, along with plenty of dramatic drama and tension. The ending when it comes is sublime and wholly unexpected, the author certainly keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The characters in this book hit you full in the face in that you can instantly believe and relate to all, thanks to them being so well written, the storyline interweaves chapters between two of the main characters, one searching for his father, one seeking to the truth to her husbands death, neither really knowing they are seeking the same thing.

Location wise travel from Japan to Cornwall to London to Iceland a globetrotters paradise, each location key to the plot, and again each brought vividly and descriptively to life on the page.

It is easy to fall straight into the book, the author has that knack for instantly drawing you into the characters world and the mystery that links and surrounds them.

Clearly there has been plenty of research done both in plot and location and this shines throughout on the pages,

However for me the book was made by one character Wada one of the most interesting and not to be under estimated characters you will read this year, when your first meet her you wouldn’t expect much, how wrong can you be, a character you instantly drawn to and one who stays with you long after you have finished reading

I have long been a fan of Robert Goddards books, always a go to author, this book lives up to his reputation as one of the finest thriller writers writing today and one that comes highly recommended


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